PYP Homeroom Teacher SEK International School Qatar jobs


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Job Title
PYP Homeroom Teacher SEK International School Qatar jobs
3000 Monthly
Doha, Qatar
Job Type
Full Time On-site
10 July, 2026
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SEK International School Qatar is currently seeking a qualified candidate for the position of PYP Homeroom Teacher.

Mission: The primary objective is to foster student learning through meticulously planned, delivered, and evaluated lessons, ensuring comprehensive development in academic, physical, socio-emotional, and ethical dimensions. Emphasis is placed on promoting respect and understanding for the host country\'s culture, Qatar.


1. Develop, teach, and assess learning engagements that are globally relevant and significant, catering to individual student needs in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding IB programme.

2. Cultivate an enriching classroom environment conducive to learning.

3. Participate in extracurricular student activities.

4. Contribute to and support school events as needed.

5. Regularly contribute to curriculum planning and development, including interdisciplinary units of work and the enhancement of transdisciplinary skills and attributes outlined in the IB Learner Profile.

6. Utilize inquiry as the pedagogical framework for learning and teaching.

7. Integrate technology into students\' learning experiences as a valuable support to the learning process.

8. Provide regular feedback to students, both orally and in written form, and encourage them to reflect on their progress.


1. Possess a teaching qualification suitable for the role.

2. Proficient in ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

3. Relevant teaching experience.

4. Fluency in English; proficiency in Arabic and Spanish is desirable.

5. Double degrees, a master\'s degree, and international experience are considered advantageous.

6. Previous experience in teaching the IB PYP is preferred; however, exceptional candidates without prior IB experience will be considered.

What we offer:

1. Permanent contract.

2. Start date: August 1, 2024.

3. Full-time position.

4. Location: Qatar.

5. Ongoing commitment to staff development through regular professional development workshops.

6. Competitive tax-free salary, medical insurance, housing allowance, free child places, and an annual flight allowance.

7. Corporate discounts with various service providers in Qatar.